Welcome to Little Devil Antenna’s Tasmania

                     We  manufacture  quality antennas for the 3G and now the 4 th generation 4g  mobile and wireless broadband networks.

Our antennas are  designed to work on the all Australian and  global networks world wide.

Made in Tasmania and shipped to all country’s

Simple In Service  –  Effective in Use

10 and 15 element Yagi

10 Element Yagi

Bi-Quad Panel

Directional Antenna

3 & 4 g Models


Omni Directional

Omni Mobile

Mobile or Home 

Works on all networks

850 Mhz to 3GigHz

Mobile mag small

A  magnetic base  is also available making this product  portable for the farm ute or campervan ,  The  strong magnetic base will not damage your paint work
Network Provider: 

DY0 MAG Mobile

Magnetic Base Omni Antenna.
– Supplied with 3m of RG58 cable with Female FME connector
– High performance on all Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and 4G networks
– Comes as one unit – perfect for FIFO. Fly-in fly-out

This type of antenna is popular for those struggling to receive signal indoors despite ample signal outside the house, or low signal in remote and rural areas. This high performance magnetic-mount antenna demonstrates exceptional wideband performance on not only the lower band 3G networks such as Telstra Next-G and Optus 3G, but provides inhanced signals on all networks to 3ghz. And can be used on Wi Fi

Widely used across Australia remote areas and mine sites, this antenna is popularly used to solve weak phone reception issues inside temporary site buildings and portable mobile accommodation dongas. if you’ve got a phone or internet issue when travelling or frindge area, this antenna will be very usefull.

This antenna is only 120mm tall making it small enough to use indoors but big enough to pack in a overnight bag. The magnetic base mounts onto any flat metal surface. The true beauty of this antenna lies in it’s versatility; performing well indoors, on the car, mounted on machinery, on the roof, and for these reasons the magnetic base antenna is one of my top sellers.

Most antennas need a ground plane. This antenna does not.

A metal surface such as a car roof, or gutter acts as a ancour for the antenna,while traveling at high speed. But can be used indoors on filing cabinet,
If you don’t have a metal surface to mount the antenna on, you can certainly still use the antenna on any surface because this antenna needs NO Ground PLANE.

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This Antenna also comes with out a magnetic base so it can be permatly mounted .

DY2 “L” Bracket for Vehicle Guard


  • 1.6 mm stainless steel.

  • 2 holes for screws.

  • Can also be be secured to the facia board of a building.


DY3: “Z” Bracket for Vehicle Guard


  • 1.6 mm stainless steel.

  • 2 holes for screws.

  • 1 hole for bolt.


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