About Us

vw_trimStarting out with Sales, repairs and installation of antennas, Frank Sulman was one of the first to open a repair shop when TV first begun transmitting in Tasmania (1960).

aboutus_ute_2aNext to come along was the new 3rd Generation Phone Network, known as 3G. As with digital TV, the hills and rugged landscape of Tasmania limited 3G coverage in a lot of areas. For the 3rd and now the new 5th generation network, we build 10 and 15 element Yagi Antennas for fixed dwellings, homes, office etc. A compact Bi-quad Panel antenna for fixed dwellings, campers/caravans and an Omni Mobile antenna for vehicles. All antennas, with the use of patch lead, are suitable for mobile phones and wireless broadband.


With the introduction of Digital TV in Tasmania in 2002, we found that commercially available antennas were not good enough in rural areas resulting in signal drop-outs. After a lot of field testing, we starting manufacturing our own digital TV antennas.

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